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Vibracathedral Orchestra


Stoked to announce that Vibracathedral Orchestra will be bringing their whole kit and caboodle to Fuse Art Space on Friday 11th September, for a concert at which they will be the sole performers. Won't go so far as to say bring your sleeping bags but it's gonna be a bit of a takeover featuring an extended set of indeterminate length, and we have a late license, and a bar featuring some excellent ales.

VCO are featured alongside Ashtray Navigations in a recent edition of the Wire magazine, in which they are cited as figureheads of a genre of 'Yorkshire psychedelia', a murky term presumably aimed at a slippery target audience of potheads, escapist HMRC staff, ayahuasca freaks, and micro farmers located somewhere in between LS6 and the Lancashire county boundary line. Regional labeling aside, these seasoned travelers have been at it for over 15 years, amassing countless releases not only via the VCO moniker but also through idiosyncratic offshoots (Astral Social Club, Bridget Hayden, Piss Superstition) and myriad collaborations with the likes of Chris Corsano, Sunburned Hand of the Man, MV&EE, Richard Youngs etc etc.

Come and celebrate all that is good about getting together and doing what the Vibras do best... jamming for a long.... time. . . .