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Etienne Jaumet (Versatile) / Asher Levitas (Old Apparatus / Deep Medi)


Etienne Jaumet first emerged as a super-productive force within the psyche/electronica scene in the late 2000's, both through his own productions (most notably the "Night Music" album on Versatile) and as one half of electropop duo Zombie Zombie. Since that time he has collaborated with such luminaries as Joakim, Richard Pinhas and Francois & The Atlas Mountains, and last year holed up in the Versatile studios for two months to pen the epic "La Visite" - a distinctly beat-led yet introspective take on psyche/jazz/electronica.

Asher Levitas is perhaps best known as part of the acclaimed and enigmatic London experimental outfit Old Apparatus. Over the last few years he has featured on releases for labels including Deep Medi, Left Blank and Houndstooth, and played on the same bill as Fennesz, Tim Hecker , Jacaszek and Roll The Dice. His new solo show sees Levitas delve deeper into drone, bass and ambient experimentation than ever before, with Marina Elderton (from the band Kull) contributing vocals and long term collaborator, artist/ writer Michael Crowe providing the visuals.