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Poppy Jackson: Constellation (Live Performance)


UPDATE: the performance will be livestreamed here:

Internationally acclaimed visual and performance artist Poppy Jackson ​makes actionist work which explores the female body as an autonomous zone. This timely new performance work, commissioned by Fuse Art Space for the exhibition Exquisite Corpse, will take place alongside Rupi Kaur’s period. series, also on display at Fuse Art Space. Toronto based Kaur found notoriety as the poet who critiqued Instagram earlier this year when her photographs depicting menstruation were censored by the site.

Poppy Jackson's artist statement regarding the work:

"The Fuse Art Space piece 'Constellation' will explore menstruation as a collective and unifying experience - whilst critiquing its therefore concerning taboo status in society. The internet is a medium for the piece; through the live-streaming of the performance, and the web-based call out for participants to contribute a small container of their menstrual blood to the piece. In creating a vast 'painted constellation' in the gallery I hope to challenge the distance the internet places between human beings and the fear of the 'other' that has been instilled in society. I wish to illustrate the commonality of female bodies, emphasize menstruation's natural and commonplace qualities, and contribute to the current effort towards a re-framing of menstruation as a source of pride through the piece. I also aim to present paradoxical points on its non-sensational status for each individual who bleeds every month, in contrast to the sensational viral reaction to Rupi Kaur's Period. images also included in the exhibition, and the recent body horror engendered through the 'Free Bleeding' conversation which both demonstrate the power of this substance from which we are all created in the womb, and that flags the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Through this action I hope that participants can expand and queer the definition of 'menstrual blood' and the 'female body' from their own perspectives."

The artist is seeking participants to donate menstrual blood for the performance. Menstrual blood contributions of any volume are welcomed for donation in a clean and fully sealed transparent container (e.g., drinks bottle/ jam jar etc). We require all containers to be labelled with the contributor’s name or pseudonym (or mark ‘anonymous’), the date of collection and location. All female-identifying and gender queer contributors are welcome to participate. 'Menstrual blood' as a substance is to be defined by the contributor themselves.

Please place the container inside a sealed plastic bag and drop off at one of these two points:

Fuse Art Space, Bradford, BD1 3QQ
Drop off any time Weds - Sat, 11am - 6pm

The Old Deptford Police Station Studios, London, SE14 6LG
Drop off on Tuesday 1st September 3-8pm, or Thurs 3rd Sept 3-8pm. Additional times can be arranged with the artist - email

For any further details email us at

Image: Poppy Jackson, Hay Barn (detail from performance), 2015