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Dead [Women] Poets Society: Open Mic Night


"slovenly needlewomen, (all
our sewing came apart), dancers,
players upon pipes: we have been
the queens of the whole world!"
- Marina Tsvetaeva, 'We Shall Not Escape Hell'

Who are the Dead Women Poets? How "dead" are they? And what is our relationship to them, as contemporary women, poets, artists, "queens of the whole world"?

Join three emerging women poets from across the UK, as we resurrect the Dead Women Poets, in the extraordinary setting of the Exquisite Corpse exhibition, exploring "female form, self-image and stereotypes from the perspective of eleven female artists". Through a process of readings and reflections, we will briefly re-examine the the voices of three dead female poets, exploring their influence on our writing and identities today.

Followed by an Open Mic, for poets of all genders and none.