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Gagarin is the solo project of Graham "Dids" Dowdall. He makes instrumental electronica that doesn’t adhere to any particular scene or style and draws on influences ranging from contemporary classical to techno and every point in between and beyond. The music is atmospheric, melodic and sometimes beaty. Currently a member of avant rock legends Pere Ubu and Welsh-Iranian folktronica duo Roshi ft. Pars Radio, Gagarin has a long history of left-field musical promiscuity. Including a long period of collaboration with Nico (Velvet Underground) and many dalliances along the way include John Cale, Ludus, Eric Random, Suns of Arqa, Band of Holy Joy, Raf & O, Low Bias, Zor Gabor...

Gagarin has released several albums and contributed to numerous compiIations and remix projects. His last album Biophilia received widespread acclaim, Mojo saying "electronica in its rawest sense" and Musicweek "deeply beautiful glitchy electronica – stunning".

Under his given name Graham released an experimental cassette Outside Broadcast in 2014 through Touch’s Tapeworm imprint based on sounds sourced from analogue radios.
Aoticp his brand new album includes elements from this alongside what have been described as "deadly sub-bass", "apocaplyptic synths", "ambient masterpieces", "cracked beat structures", "hypnotic thrumming" and "magnificent genre-hopping".

Gagarin gigs regularly in UK and Europe with a hardware combination of drumpads, samplers, iPad and FX creating sets that range from free-form improv to fractured dance music. 2014/15 has seen him contribute to the latest acclaimed Pere Ubu album as well as undertaking extensive European tours. Gagarin’s day job includes running music workshops with young people with disabilities and also teaching at Goldsmiths College. AOTICP is released on Geo Records through Kudos distribution In July 2015. A track from Aoticp has been featured on Boiler Room tv who described it as “ sparkingly new electronic soundscapes.