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Circuit Breaker (Harbinger Sound) / Schoolhouse (Tombed Visions)


Circuit Breaker are a duo of brothers from South London whose approach to song writing aims to join the dots between various different synth-wave, post-punk and industrial influences. According to Tombed Visions label boss, Dave Mclean they "have spent their existence in the hinterlands of the obscure, sourcing their sound from homemade and bastardised electronics and an animalistic hunger for degenerate rhythms, working in near total isolation with neither a care nor concern for anything resembling peers"

The group have recently released two EPs on the aforementioned Manchester based label, and are about to release their first full length via legendary Nottingham avant-punk imprint Harbinger Sound, after having impressed on tour with Sleaford Mods.

Live viewers can expect the brothers to veer between fragments of their recorded output and longer improvisational pieces incorporating drum machines, synths and samplers as well as singer Peter's "querulous alienated outsider vocals". Fans of artists ranging from the adventurous end of 80's pop a la Associates and Japan, as well as the darker experiments of Coil or Scott Walker will no doubt be intrigued.

School House is an alternate guise of Peter J Taylor, a British composer who is know for his multiple-guitar orchestras, which use extended techniques, custom tunings and graphic notation to explore micro-tonal maximalism. In contrast, his Schoolhouse project sees his approach stripped down to a bare and impactful minimalism. His first critically acclaimed tape "Soft Focus" which employed the custom built stringed instruments of dutch artist Yuri Landman, was described by the Quietus as "A spellbindingly pretty, utterly mysterious, and very welcome addition to the growing British school of guitar minimalism". His most recent outing "Herd" shifts from acoustic instruments into an almost exclusively electronic domain using software to deploy glacial drones and subtle, glitchy rhythmic patterns.