Fuse Art Space is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making avant-garde arts and music accessible to all, and regenerating Bradford’s city centre through culture. We rely on volunteers to help us carry out events, run the gallery/venue on a day to day basis, and provide specialist skills such as exhibition installation, programming, sound tech, social media and design.

Volunteering at Fuse has a wealth of benefits, from dirt cheap records, tapes, CDs, books and magazines to training, skills development and access to the venue for your own programming.

Dirt cheap? Yes! We have accounts with numerous music, film and literature distributors - you can order whatever you want, and our volunteers get everything at dealer price. Roughly speaking, that’s half retail price.

Fuse is open from 11am - 6pm, Wednesday - Saturday, plus evenings when there’s an event on (we host an average of two evening events per week). We need volunteers to help us out at events, but we also need help with the 11 - 6 shift, which involves invigilating in the gallery, providing information to the public, selling stuff (as in taking money for CDs, books and records, not sales-pitching at people!) and generally hanging out. During these daytime shifts, we’re also keen to get you involved in aspects of our project you find interesting, and develop your role in Fuse. If you have an idea for how we should be doing something, and the skills to make it happen, these daytime shifts are the ideal time to get stuck into it. Similarly, if there’s something you want to learn or skills you want to develop, daytime shifts provide the perfect space for that.

To offer your help, please fill out the form below.